Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tacoma Twilight Criterium

Mark your calendar, this year Tacoma Twilight Criterium will be on Saturday, June 29th. We had such a great turn out at the Proctor District last year; this year we will be rocking out the Proctor district again. It will be very exciting for both racers and spectators. Event begins at 2:00pm and we will be racing into the night. Come join us to make the 2013 Tacoma Twilight Criterium the best ever!

About Tacoma Twilight Criterium

By far the most popular form of bicycle racing in the United States is the criterium. Unlike the road race or multi-stage race, a criterium is a bicycle race held on a short, often closed city street circuit course. Criteriums are especially popular with spectators due to riders passing by often at very high speeds. 
Success in criteriums requires a mix of skills: perhaps most notably the strength of a 60 person pack (peloton) that can accelerate to speeds of 35 mph or more, a rider’s  ability to take 90° city corners rapidly, holding their line and not drifting into the path of other riders. 

During criteriums riders take advantage of “drafting” (getting in behind other rider’s slipstream).  In doing so one uses less energy than the lead rider. It’s estimated that drafting may save 30% of a rider’s energy over riding individually.

Riders wear their race number on the right side of their jersey which allows spectators to keep track of a specific racer and watch them as they move up, back or hold position within the peloton.  Take the opportunity to walk around the course while a race is in process.  Watch the lines racers take as they dive into, thru and out of corners.  Note, as the pace increases the field will stretch out in to single line, and as the paces slows, riders bunch up, sometimes grabbing their brakes hard to slow down.  The riders on the front have the best view of the course, take the best lines and seldom touch their brakes!

Whether or not one is aware of the intricacies of competitive cycling, the excitement of the race will be enjoyed by all.

The long standing popular Farmer’s Market, the family owned shops, restaurants and businesses of the Proctor Business District will complement an action packed afternoon and evening of one of Washington State’s premier bicycle racing events.

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